Our AI is a recommendation engine

Optimize retail analytics with one of the most innovative platforms on the market. WHATALOCATION turns location data into real business success.

State-of-the-art retail analytics


Brick-and-mortar retail plays by different rules in every micro-location. Our artificial intelligence called "PULSE" (named after the heartbeat of the city) draws on countless extensive variables to validly simulate the impact of upcoming decisions. This makes decisions measurable even before the actual decision is made.

Insights & Visualization

Use smart retail intelligence apps

Data visualization should not only consist of beautiful interfaces but primarily answer essential questions. With WHATALOCATION, you can quickly use intuitive retail intelligence apps to analyze market and consumer, optimize site selection, plan outdoor advertising, or understand customers.

Data Integration & Cloud Connection

Simple and secure data integration

In our data warehouse, you centralize your database, external market data, and data from public sources. The bring-your-own-data principle works in self-hosting or with leading cloud data platforms like Google BigQuery and Amazon Redshift for optimal data security. Whether you are looking for SaaS, private or public cloud, or self-hosting, our platform is ready to support you on your terms.

Intuitive and easy to use

From day one: easily achievable results

One thing is essential to us: everyone should be able to use our software fully from day one. Every user undergoes personal onboarding and use-case-specific workshops. Often it's the little things that support you in your everyday life - and that doesn't require a data science degree.

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