We take security very seriously and offer our users a variety of security barriers against unauthorized access. In addition to classic measures, this includes a physically separate private area in the cloud.

Team Management & Admin

TEAM administration of rights management

The first security measure available to all users is the independent administration of all users in the organization. One or more administrators manage teams (e.g., Marketing, Expansion, or Finance) and assign user rights.

Two-Factor Authentication Login

Access only for identifiable persons

Optionally, organizations can specify multifactor authentication for all team colleagues. This security barrier sends an identification link emailed when a login is made. This way, colleagues are identified before using the software.

SMS code barrier for sensitive data

Sensitive sales data are not readable for us

Sales data is not readable by WHATALOCATION or third parties. Without entering a dynamic 6-digit security code, even users cannot access or read sensitive data. An individual code for each user is sent via SMS and is only valid for the login session.

Autonomous and private cloud storage

Each USER uses a private cloud storage

Each organization is assigned a private area (cloud bucket) on our servers in Frankfurt (AWS) during onboarding. This ensures that their data is only readable by their organization. Access from the outside or WHATALOCATION's services (e.g., Retail Radar) is thus prevented. Please also ask for a pentest.

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